"Hi Andy
Well, we're back from Florida welcomed by our beautiful looking "new" home !! Thank heaven we had an extremely mild winter and did not have to deal again with stressed roof, etc. I must say at first I thought the bill for our back railing was a bit high - but now that I see it - it is truly quite handsome and is an addition to the landscape. I guess I knew all along I could trust you to do an extremely professional job !! Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish you all well."
F. Connolly

"Dear Andy,
Thank you so much for coming to our aid in so many kind and extra helpful and generous ways. M and I feel very safe with you and look forward to building a beautiful house and creating a little special place out of that storage thicket, soon-soon!
Your men are very fine- courteous, upbeat. They were very kind as well. Thanks to each!
We, and I especially would like to thank each one of those guys, Michael, Richard, Jay and you......
The gallery looks great. I am really pleased!"
M.A.W. Gloucester, Mass.

"Dear Andy,
....Andy, I am very happy with the work you did- and I enjoyed your associates, particularly Jake. I would be very happy to recommend you- orally or in written form to any other potential clients. Just have them call me..."
Best Wishes,

"Dear Andy,
I stopped by the see the ...last Friday. The place looks magnificent!...
Congratulations on a great job!"
Jacob Albert
Albert, Righter & Titman, Architects, Inc.

Bill called this morning to tell us how pleased he was with the classroom space and that he had received great compliments from the donors who attended the event on Saturday. Thanks to you and your crew for your hard work in pulling the room together and making the event a success. Well done."

" Andy,
Our sincere thanks for the fine home you built for us."
M.F. and Bob

Happy New Year to you all! We are loving our new space so much and I can't believe it's ours. We are pretty much done setting up shop so I thought I'd just forward these photos of our sweet little space you have created for us! Still so thankful to have had such a creative company to work with."

"Hi there Mr. Stevens,
Well it's been a year since youmade my "Kitchen Dream" come true- and I wanted to tell you how great it has been- it's like "Christmas Morning" everyday! We have had several parties and gatherings here and everyone is in awe when they see how "perfect" it is. Thank you again and always for bringing your talents our way. With much happiness and appreciation,